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      Zhejiang Hetian Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Foreign Trade:+86-571-85241081
      Domestic Trade:+86-571-85229016
      Fluorosilicone chemicals:+86-571-81182352/81182351



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      Zhejiang Hetian Chemical Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise developed based on Pesticide Chemical Research Institute under Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry. It is a state high-tech enterprise and is an industrial development base of National Pesticide Research & Development South Center. It is professional in research, development, production and operation of new pesticide products, pesticide intermediates and fluorosilicone chemicals.


      There is strong technical force, modern production base and advanced analytical instrument. Nowadays there are over 60 employees, including, 21 professor senior engineer and 17 senior engineers, 63% or above of them are professionals.In 1999, the company built a plant in Hangzhou, in 2006, the company built a plant in Lianyungang, In 2019, Due to the need of development, the company has established Jiangxi Hetian Technology Co., Ltd. as Jiangxi production base. It is estimated that the production capacity of pesticide Tech will reach 6000 tons per year. Depending on new development demand of the enterprise, fluorosilicone material and chemicals project team of Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry was integrated to focus on high-end fluorosilicone chemicals development and production.


      Our company has over 60 years of experience in pesticide research. And we have made more than 60 great achievements, including, 6 state-level achievement, 6 provincial and ministerial-level achievements. Since the 6th Five-Year-Plan, our company has undertaken 40 national level science and technology key project of pesticides and intermediates. And most of them have been industrialized. In recent years, we take organic fluorine pesticide, heterocyclic ring pesticide and low-toxicity pesticide as our developing priorities to meet customer need. We have developed series of products, for example, trifluralin, fomesafen, acifluorfen, oxyfluorfen, flumetralin, Diazinon, pretilachlor, Carbosulfan, Propargite, and etc. Fluorine-containing silicones mainly included perfluoroalkyl silane series, fluoroacrylate series, fluorosilicone oil, fluorosilicone stone antifouling treatment agent, fluorosilicone electronic coating agent, Agricultural silicone additives and specialty silane series products. Product quality has reached domestic and abroad leading level. They are popular in Europe, Oceania, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia.

      Our company insists on principle of “quality first, high reputation and sincere service”. We warmly welcome new and old friends to visit us.


      QEO management policy: obeying the law, people first, green manufacturing, continuous improvement